Profiles International

Profiles International, the global leader in the development/provision of recruitment and performance management assessments. Profiles International operates in 108 countries servicing more than 60,000 companies worldwide and is the largest, fastest growing, most advanced provider of pre and post recruitment employee related assessments and surveys. The performance management tools developed by Profiles International provide their clients with the ability to Benchmark every role within their organisation based on the success attributes of their proven high performers. With the ability to establish Job Fit, our management tools not only increase the success rate of employing high performers by up to 300%, they also provide management at all levels with the information required to increase the performance of their direct reports individually and as a team. The end result is higher profitability through increased performance and the recruitment and retention of high performers.  Investment capital $10,000


Profiles International
1400 Malvern Road
Glen Iris
VIC 3146
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