Further your career in finance – leap at the opportunity to be your own boss

You’ve worked within the finance industry for quite some time, and it’s a fact that you’re an asset to the sector and the company or firm you work for – experienced financial advisers tend to be more productive and they have greater amounts of funds under advice.
You work tirelessly to help your clients, providing them with the advice and assistance they need to succeed financially. And your employer, well they benefit too – your clients return to their company or firm again and again to enlist your services. 
While you’re no doubt kicking goals where you are, it’s time to take the next step in your career, and FIFO Capital can help.    

A low risk investment

Invest in a FIFO Capital franchise and you’ll eliminate the risks associated with starting a business from the ground up – the brand is based around a proven model, one that has been designed, tried and tested by founder Nigel Thomson – an experienced finance industry professional.   
Disruption to long-established business models within finance is a certainty in the future. Companies that rely on traditional business models have been warned that they need to adapt in order to remain relevant. 
FIFO Capital is one step ahead of the pack – it’s offering offers a fresh new take on the finance industry. 

Smart lending solutions: helping business owners succeed 

The business is unique in that it specialises in the provision of finance and cash flow solutions for small-to-medium business owners. All too often these businesses are in the early stages of development, and they require extra working capital to grow – capital they simply don’t have on hand, yet need urgently. 
This is where FIFO Capital steps in – business owners who enlist the company’s services can expect to receive the finance they so urgently need in as little as four hours. 
As a FIFO Capital franchisee you’ll enjoy a rewarding career where not only do you call the shots, you’ll be helping up-and-coming businesses achieve their dreams. 

Now is the perfect time to invest

As Australia’s mining industry begins to slow down, there is a need to bring the economy back into balance – to the state it was in pre-mining boom. It is believed this will be achieved through business growth and investment in the non-mining sectors, which could see the demand for FIFO Capital’s services increase. 
Individuals may feel the time is right to start-up their own business, or existing small-to-medium business owners might require additional finance as they wish to expand their operations. 
Invest in a FIFO Capital franchise and you’ll not only be joining a brand who’s services are relevant and in demand, you’ll play an important role in helping businesses, particularly those in the early stages of development, ultimately succeed. You’ll enjoy all of this while making money for yourself, rather than somebody else. 
So, if you’re tired of working hard and watching money go into someone else’s pocket and are ready to take the next step in your career, click here
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