From Drive-thru to Dinner Table- Red Rooster, the real ‘Healthy Fast Food'

There are few food traditions in Australian history that conjure up feelings of nostalgia quite like a roast dinner. 
From family get-togethers on special occasions, to weekend visits to mums house upon leaving the nest- the humble roast dinner is an Aussie way of life; much like a summer barbeque or vegemite on toast.
According to author Michael Symons in his book ‘One Continuous Picnic’, chicken as a staple dinner table item really started to boom in 1978, when technology used to refrigerate poultry, made chicken accessible to families everywhere. Since then, sales of poultry in supermarkets, delis, restaurants and take-away’s, have never looked back. Today, the chicken meat market alone is worth an estimated annual $4.5bn to Australian industry. 
But roast chicken isn’t like a turkey at Christmas, it’s far more everyday than that, with at least one third of Australian households sitting down to roast chicken and veg every week. Roast chicken picked up on a trip home from work, the gym or school is a no-guilt, wholesome and nutritious meal to plate up and serve to the family any day of the week.
Compared to other meats, like beef, pork and lamb, roast chicken is the only readily available meal that is convenient AND healthy. In fact, when compared side by side with beef – another popular meat served at quick service restaurants- chicken has a higher protein value and lower fat and calorie value, making it an ideal meal choice for those looking for healthier fast food options.
As expectations around fast food change, traditional quick service restaurants are being challenged to “slim down” menus; to offer customers a meal that is value for money, tasty and also nutritious. For many well-known chains this has required a lot of intervention, but not for Red Rooster who since 1972, have served roasted chickens without the added nasties, just slow-roasted, hand seasoned and served with a freshness guarantee.
As Australia’s only quick service restaurant specialising in roast chicken , Red Rooster have for a long time held a strong position in the quick service industry and even more so today, as changes are made to improve menus by offering customers a healthier, better side than just your standard regular fries. 
At Red Rooster, you can now pair your chicken with delicious pastas, salads, roasted vegetables, coleslaws, and corn, as well as a selection of Sumo Salads making Red Rooster the perfect go to restaurant for individuals, families, or large parties, any day of the week.
As a franchisee of one of Red Roosters famous stores, you are buying into a brand that is steeped in Australian tradition and that is known Australia wide for the best roast chicken.
Red Rooster is entering an exciting time in its business journey, with many improvements and innovations either happening, or in the pipeline. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to represent one of Australia’s most iconic brands as it proves yet again, that chicken is the fearless leader in the Australian meat and fast food industry.
For more information on franchise opportunities with Red Rooster, click here.
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