Hot Fresh Fries

Vending Machine Franchise

The Hot Fresh Fries Company is an Australian based company that supplies the worlds' most sophisticated & technologically advanced French Fries vending machine. Australians eat more fries each year than any other snack food and globally it's estimated that 9 million tonnes (9,000,000,000 kg) of fries are consumed each year. Contact us now for information on Hot Fresh Fries business opportunities. Do you want a business that lets you have both income and lifestyle ? Imagine having a business where you have no boss, no staff, no stress, no office lease, and only have to work 15-20 hours per week but still earn more than what most people do working 40-50 hours per week. This is all possible by simply placing the state-of-the-art Hot Fresh Fries Vending Machines into businesses and other potential locations. By simply letting the machine do all the work you could be well on your way to living a life that many other people can only dream about. Imagine having more time to spend with your family, having time to enjoy a new hobby, or time to just simply relax and enjoy life in general. Alternatively you may just be looking for another way to add a solid income stream to your wealth generation plan, or simply starting a business for your spouse or children once they have left school.


Hot Fresh Fries
Unit 1 / 8 Wollongbar St
Byron Bay
NSW 2418
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